How to bow

The lesson is to show you how to bow the erhu.

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Theng Chann, sounds good I like to study China erhu sound and Khmer erhu sound too!
5th Dec 2015 04:41:51
5th Dec 2015 09:15:19
I from Cambodia.
29th Jan 2017 12:00:11
How may I help?
31st Jan 2017 06:43:03
even when i moving the bow its not make a sound like yours. what im doing wrong?
9th Aug 2018 03:00:38
i got it =] now its a time to get skills
11th Aug 2018 11:42:37
You need rosin to start. if you sign up the lesson, you will get more videos.
12th Aug 2018 12:01:57
Even after learning how to bow I am still not getting the same sound as you. Will that just come with more experience or am I doing something wrong?
20th Dec 2018 07:58:46
Dear Ling, When I play an up bow (moving my right hand towards the erhu) on the inner string, the pitch is slightly lower than when I play a down bow (moving my right hand away from the erhu). I tried to play around with the pressure, speed and angle of the bow, but nothing seems to do the trick. Do you have any ideas what could cause this phenomenon? Can you give me some advice how I could solve this problem? Thank you!
19th Sep 2020 02:45:47
Hi Panna Its to do with the quality of the erhu. Maybe you can have a look if the bridge is right in the middle of the erhu ( between the Left and right of the drum). or the Qianjin is not too loose. you can always firm up a little with the felt under the bridge. And also make sure to put a little more pressure when playing in bowm, so the string is resonated properly.
19th Sep 2020 07:29:02

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