How to hold the bow

This video explain about how to hold the erhu bow. and which finger to use when you play the inner string and outer string.

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Thanks for showing me how to hold the bow, it was very well explained
20th Dec 2018 07:45:06
Thank you for this tutorial.
5th Jul 2019 09:33:48
you are welcome!
7th Jul 2019 10:25:19
Super easy to follow. I practiced the hold method without the Erhu strings. My Erhu didn't come with the bow inside the two strings. Hopefully that is coming up in a future lesson. How to correctly load a bow between the 2 strings.
23rd Mar 2021 01:31:49
Hi, You need to unscrew the bow ( the plastic on the top of the bow,) till very loose. then you take the horsehair part of the bow off the hook, insert the horsehair loop into between the strings from the left side of the erhu to the right side of the erhu(the skin side). then put the loop back to the hook and tighten the screw. incase your bow hasn't got the loop and hook, then you need to take the screw out of the hole and pull out of the horsehair part from the bamboo and insert it between the strings and put it back again and tighten the screw. Whatever type of bo you have, you need to be very careful when you put the horsehair part back to the Hook or bamboo, you need to check if the entire horsehair has twisted, if it did, you need to turn the hair around until it looks smooth and flat. therefore when you tighten the bow the hair part should be flat. I hope this makes sense. if you still have a problem, please email me:
25th Mar 2021 06:34:15

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