Liu Tian Hua Practice in G

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Hi Paul Sorry about the late reply, have you figured the music out yet? you say you can read the music, is that print not clear or you can't read Chinese music? Thanks Ling
23rd Aug 2017 11:11:41
Hello Leng, Are you no longer providing feedback to messages from who paid to complete your course? If so, do you know of others who offer help in learning how to play the erhu online like you have done in the past? Thanks, Guy
9th Nov 2019 11:30:41
Hi Guy I am sorry about the late reply, I have been very busy lately and didn't logon to the website. To answer your questions: 1) I think you need to relax your left hand, especially the thumb, the thumb mustn't standing up, it needs to horizontally face the right side. if the thumb is face-up, it mean you are not relaxed. 2) the bow needs to have enough room for your fingers to move around. if the bow is too tight, the 2 fingers that on the hair ( the middle finger and 4th finger on the right hand) will not move around as you bow in and out. when you bow in, the two fingers need to be bend as you hand form a fist, and when you bow out, the fingers become straight as the hand form a shape like snakehead. 3) I live int he UK, dont think you there is a problem as I can't hear the message coming. My web developer did not set that up. 4) I dont think there are different from Beijing Bow to the others. just try to play and once you get used to it, it will be fine. Ling
9th Nov 2019 05:36:56

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