Harmonic tuning methods

Erhu harmonic tuning methods were commonly used in erhu tunings, this method is to: 
  • hold down the left hand little ( pinky) finger at the ½ way of the string (refer to between the Qiangjing and the bridge of the skin), start with normal sound and then slightly lift the finger of the string which you will feel as if the finger is not on, but just a little in touch with the string.
  • At this point, the sound will change into a pure and transparent, a high octave sound. And then you need to life the little finger and put you first finger on the string at 1/3 the note of A on the inner string and play the inner string use the same methods as the first time, and then you will hear the same pitched harmonic sound, it means that your tuning is right. 
At the beginning of play the harmonic notes, it always better to start with the ½ outer string point, (which I normally use the third finger,) ½ point is easier to control the note better than the 1/3 point of inner string. Do doubt at the beginning, you will make some scratchy sound, but if you practice more and try to control the bow, it will get better, this actually is a very good way of practice control the bow.  Remember: 
  1. Consistently bowing 
  2. Fingers on right point on the string
  3. Fingers need to be just in touch with the string but not on the string solidly. 

Posted: 23rd August 2015